Record Store Day at Origami Vinyl 04.19.14

We celebrated one of our favorite days of the year, Record Store Day, with our favorite record store (duh), Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles' eastside neighborhood of Echo Park. I can say with no hesitation that Origami set the bar for Record Store Day in Los Angeles some years back, and continued their winning streak in 2014. The thing we love about Record Store Day at Origami, is it is an ALL day hang with DJs, bands, and rad people. KCRW's Anne Litt, Kat Corbett from KROQ, and Rodrigo Amarante of Little Joy were among a few who kept the vinyl vibes high with DJ sets throughout the day. GOOD TIMES all around!


eskuche headphones

eskuche headphones

eskuche headphones




Record Store Day at Origami Vinyl 04.19.14 from eskuché on Vimeo.

Adam Yauch aka MCA

eskuche headphones Control v2 BLU



We paid our respects to Adam Yauch aka MCA  yesterday at the park named after the prolific MC from the Beastie Boys in Brooklyn Heights NYC. Amazing to see the greatest city in the world celebrate one of the greatest artist of our generation. A pair of Control v2 BLU headphones were left as a token of our appreciation for what he contributed to our culture. Or maybe a FREE gift for the next fan!

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